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2nd most popular Super Bowl ad 2014

04/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos by a whopping 43 to 8 at Super Bowl XLVIII. The game was watched by more than 160 million people; a record 111 million being American football fans. But collectively, more people watched the commercials.

Take the game’s 160 million TV viewers, minus those who went to the loo during the ad breaks but plus those who only watched the commercials (yes, there’s so much hype about the Super Bowl commercials that some rush to the telly to only watch the commercials) and then add all the views the commercials had on YouTube, Vimeo, newspaper sites and many, many blogs.  Read more…

Laia Sanz and Honda’s return to Dakar

28/01/2014. Category: Wheels. Topic: , , .

The 2014 Dakar Rally once again delivered in heaps. There were spectacular moments… and grueling hours as many competitors made it back to the bivouac just in time to start the next leg of the rally! No sleep, just racing,

It was one of the toughest Dakar rallies yet. Honda rider Joan Bang Bang Barreda would attest to that. The charging Barreda saw a possible first win since 1989 for Honda disappear in the smoke of melting electrical wires in the last stages of the rally. 

Read more…

Keira and the Ducati

25/01/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

Even standing still, Keira Knightley is immensely sexy. Strap her into a tight bodysuit, let her loose on a classic Ducati 750 SuperSport and you’ll forget that there’s something strange going on in the economy or that elsewhere people are at war.

Directed by Joe Wright to the soundtrack “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” performed by Joss Stone, the 60-second film version of this Coco Mademoiselle television commercial is simply stunning.  Read more…

Taylor made for this time of the year

06/12/2011. Category: People. Topic: , .

Taylor Swift

It’s that time of the year. After Thanksgiving, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and just before Christmas. The time to reflect on the year that passed. Not the terrible politics, fraudulent Wall Street schemes or unnecessary wars, but on the nice things – like the moment that ice cold beer went down like a fountain of blessings, that great baseball pitch, the memorable adventure ride you had on your Husky, a glimpse you caught of the new Mustang. Read more…

She makes even bad news sound good

11/08/2010. Category: People. Topic: , .

Andrea Catherwood is an anchor presenter on Bloomberg TV. She enlightens looking at the numbing numbers during bear markets. She makes even bad news sound good. Her husky Irish accent smooths any stock shock. Just watching her makes any man more bullish. And the big plus is that she is a professional; she knows what she is talking about.  Read more…

Latest Jennifer Aniston pictures

20/07/2010. Category: People. Topic: .

Was browsing Huffington Post over a glass (disclosure: a bottle, actually) of Tenuta Belguardo when I came across pics of the topless Jennifer Aniston posing for her new Lovalie perfume. Almost swallowed the wine glass. Oh my goodness, Miss Aniston looks absolutely gorgeous! Started comparing the two:

Tenuta Belguardo is made from the Sangiovese varietal, the latter name which derives from the Latin sanguis Jovis, the blood of Jove, according to Wikipedia. Jove is the other name for Jupiter, the king of the mythological gods. Not much to compare there with sweet Jennifer. Sangiovese is also a much cloned wine variety. Also no comparison since sweet Jen is rather unique. Read more…

The most popular night in the world

12/03/2010. Category: Media. Topic: , .

OSCARS night, the most popular night in the world. Sexy, beautiful people and… well, actually, just that. The introductions and speeches usually (not always) are a bit less creative than the art they represent.

Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock looked stunning. As did Kathryn Bigelow, who became the first woman to take an Oscar for Best Director. In short, oscars and ugly are not two words that go together. The girls looked great.  Read more…