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How China built a Twitter propaganda machine then let it loose on Coronavirus

29/03/2020. Category: Media. Topic: .

ProPublica analyzed thousands of fake and hijacked Twitter accounts to understand how covert Chinese propaganda spreads around the globe.

Kalen Keegan, a college student at the University of Nebraska Omaha, immediately noticed when her Twitter account unleashed a torrent of posts in Chinese. “My other account got hacked??,” the soccer player posted on a replacement account. The new author tweeting as @Kalenkayyy had strong views on geopolitics — all aligned with the Chinese Communist Party. It was obsessed with the protests in Hong Kong, offered uncritical praise of the Hong Kong police and accused demonstrators of fomenting a “color revolution” backed by an “anti-Chinese American conspiracy.”

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The year of standoffs – 2016

05/01/2016. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , , , , .

2015 paved the way for a year of standoffs in 2016. There just might be a showdown in the patent wars between Apple and Samsung and Microsoft and Kyocera. The EU might draw the final line in the privacy battle with Google and Facebook.

Countries are fighting Big Pharma while the pharmaceutical companies are, at the same time, battling each other over patents. Read more…

‘It’s Pretty Much Impossible’ To Protect Online Privacy

16/04/2013. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , , , .

From online companies tracking users’ digital footprints to the trend for more and more data to be stored on cloud servers, Internet privacy seems like a thing of the past — if it ever existed at all. RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) correspondent Deana Kjuka recently spoke about these issues with online security analyst Bruce Schneier, author of the book “Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust Society Needs to Survive.”  Read more…

Twitter embed on WordPress

14/06/2012. Category: Media. Topic: , .


You have to hand it to Matt Mullenberg and the WordPress team. With every update of the WordPress blogging platform they come up with something smackingly good.

The WordPress version 3.4 released today, for instance, introduces a real easy Twitter embed. It works just like the YouTube embed: simply copy the link and paste it into your post. Done!  Here’s an example of a pasted a WWF tweet:  Read more…

Best little twitter app

30/05/2009. Category: Gadgets. Topic: , .

ada Twitter is more than just a micro-blogging services. It has grown into a massive messaging social network supported by a myriad of apps thanks to the open source attitude by founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. The viral buzz is a result of its ease of use and connectivity across many media platforms. Forget texting your vote to X-Factor or other interactive TV shows – soon you’ll just twitter your vote (or opinion).

The twitter pay-off line is “What are you doing?” but the emphasis is on “stay connected.” And one of the best little desktop apps to stay connected with via twitter is the ADA by madan.org. It runs on Windows, using Adobe Air.

Ada is little because it is a small program that loads fast and is simply super-easy to use but it is big on speed; proper click-and-go in every sense.