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Winter Olympics was amazing

02/03/2010. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , .

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 was amazing, from the opening moment to the closing. There were many brilliant moments and surprise wins. Which is what makes the Olympics – Summer and Winter games – the most watchable sports occasion. But it is the spirit of the Olympics that is simply awesome: for just 2 weeks every 2 years the whole world seem to be united.

The two outstanding 2010 wins, for me, were Poland’s Justyna Kowalczyk in a nail-biting finish in the Ladies 30km Mass Start Classic cross country and Norway’s Petter Northug‘s equally spectacular gold in the Men’s 50km Mass Start Classic. Canadians probably will disagree; their gold in Men’s Ice Hockey was the obvious national favorite. Read more…

Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver, Canada

16/02/2010. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , .

They called him “Alexandre the Great” when Alex Bilodeau won Canada their first gold medal for an Olympics event held in that country.

The men’s moguls was not the only nail-biting event – the 2010 Winter Olympics has been fascinating from the opening moment, delivering surprise winners in just about every event.  Read more…

2010 Winter Olympics opening – a touch of genius

14/02/2010. Category: Media. Topic: , .

The opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada was stunning. Well, from where I viewed it – in my comfy chair in front of the television in the wee hours of the morning.

As with all great events, one couldn’t help wishing you were there. It looked marvelous in its simplicity in design, with a clear story line on the history of the Canada and the celebration of the spirit of the Olympics. In particular, I liked the recognition of Canada’s first nation people. Read more…

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