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Raves, Rants, Reviews

University of Cambridge Open Access making research freely available

11/10/2016. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

The University of Cambridge has received its 10,000th Open Access submission – highlighting its commitment to making research freely available to anybody who wants to access it, without publisher paywalls or expensive journal subscriptions.

The Open Access movement has been growing in strength in academia for many years, and it is increasingly being mandated by funding bodies and government. Read more…

Quantum Levitation awesomeness

19/10/2011. Category: Gadgets. Topic: .

Was explain to you in a few simple words exactly how quantum levitation works but then realized that you already know. But just in case you forgot, the quantum nerds featured in the video will remind you. Read more…

Scientists Without Borders

21/03/2010. Category: People. Topic: .

The idea is simple but the task is huge: connecting scientists and science organizations from around the world in a kind of swarm intelligence group to harvest knowledge for the benefit of the needy. It’s a brilliant concept that already has made a significant impact on areas where it is needed urgently, providing research and solutions on agriculture, energy, health and the environment. It’s the kind of concept that probably made Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, giggle with joy when it was launched in 2008. It is Scientists Without BorderRead more…

Moon landing – the biggest rave the world ever had

20/07/2009. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

On July, 20 1969 Neil Armstrong stepped with his left foot first on the moon while uttering the most famous lines in the English language: “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

Some 600 million people watched the live event on television. It was the biggest rave the world ever had, for a precious moment uniting all in awe. Thanks to the Internet, the video of this tremendous occasion is being watched more than ever. 

Read more…