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Trump vs May vs Farage vs Dorrach

23/11/2016. Category: People. Topic: .

The vibrancy of the 2016 US presidential elections continues to reverberate across the planet. Elected liberals still can’t make head or tails of the results while conservatives are claiming the dawn of a new age in politics.

At stake are the billions of dollars the United States annually contribute to a variety of international causes and actions. Who has bitten the hand that will be holding the feed in the near future?

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11/8/16 – Sad day for USA and the World

09/11/2016. Category: People. Topic: , .

“The people have spoken. The bastards!”

That might sound like a quote from Hilary Clinton on the news that she lost the race to the White House to Donald Trump. But it was someone else who said that.

The race did not start and did not end well for Clinton. And while the mainstream media editorials and polls had her leading almost up to the end it is now clear that their methods were askew. They should have listened to William Faulkner’s advice: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” Read more…

An appointment with the Justice Minister

31/10/2016. Category: People. Topic: .

Here’s the plan: you dress up like an Arab, fly to Israel, throw a bag of instant popping popcorn at a Jew, get bashed up immediately, get thrown in jail… and then you make your move.

Considering the treatment you would have received and with clearly visible scars you insist on pleading your case privately with the Justice Minister in her chambers. There you can feast your eyes. Read more…

The year of standoffs – 2016

05/01/2016. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , , , , .

2015 paved the way for a year of standoffs in 2016. There just might be a showdown in the patent wars between Apple and Samsung and Microsoft and Kyocera. The EU might draw the final line in the privacy battle with Google and Facebook.

Countries are fighting Big Pharma while the pharmaceutical companies are, at the same time, battling each other over patents. Read more…

U2 Demands Freedom For Azerbaijani Political Prisoners

20/06/2015. Category: People. Topic: .

U2 Demands Freedom For Azerbaijani Political PrisonersBy RFE/RL’s Azerbaijani Service, 16 June 2015

Irish rock band U2 is demanding freedom for political prisoners in Azerbaijan, using the stage of its current North American concert tour to call attention to activists and journalists imprisoned by Azerbaijani authorities for speaking up about human rights.

Lead singer Bono made impassioned appeals at U2’s June 12 and 13 concerts in Montreal’s Bell Centre arena during the performance of the song Pride (In The Name Of Love). Read more…

How to find WDMs in Crimea

06/03/2014. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: .

Let’s not beat about the bush. The Crimea crisis is serious. Billions of dollars are at stake: the control of gas and oil pipe lines and the heads up on oil and electricity futures.

Fighting for control over the flow of money is, however, a battle that is played in the secrecy of bank boardrooms. The public face of it is found in batons and bullets. So, the question is, in order to take control of the money paths that run through the Crimea, how does one start another dirty little war? 

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Short road to immense profits

04/06/2012. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , , .

Naughty road construction

We understand the concept of the housing bubble very well: sell houses at inflated prices, launch the bubble, and you end up owning the houses AND you still have people who owe you money for those houses they do not have. You can sell the houses later when the market recovers (and the people will still be paying on the houses they do not have). In the meantime, while the FED interest rate is at zero, borrow even more money so you can lend it back to people later at a nice high rate. Read more…

Moody’s drops Malema

10/11/2011. Category: People. Topic: .

Julius Malema

The day after credit rating agency Moody’s downgraded South Africa to negative from stable the ANC Youth League’s corrupt leader Julius Malema is suspended. Moody’s cited South Africa’s political risk.

The South African Rand took a heavy knock on the Moody’s downgrade and it obviously became clear to the ruling ANC party that the problem for the political risk had to be removed. Read more…

Osama 0 : Obama 1

04/05/2011. Category: People. Topic: , .

Barack Obama got a 9 point poll boost on the news that Osama bin Laden has been shot dead on May 1 in Abbottabad, Pakistan by Seal Team Six of the US Navy Seals. Osama 0 : Obama 1.

Half the world considers it an amazing feat because … half the world had thought that Osama is dead already. But they too can now celebrate the “Obama got Osama” occasion with special commemorative T-shirts, ties, mugs, buttons, etc. Bin Laden Dead gifts are selling like hot cakes.

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The only constant

03/11/2010. Category: People. Topic: , .

“The only constant is change.” Thankfully. And no more so than in American elections, known for its wide swings between the left and right. It is, of course, a common trend in almost any two-party system.

When Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote – at around 500 BC – that famous line about change he could not have had the 2010 US Mid Term elections in mind but explaining change as “cold things warm up, hot things cool down” certainly sums up political moods. You are guaranteed to hear “We’ve come to take our government back!” every two years. And that would have pleased Thomas Jefferson, who insisted that “Every generation needs a new revolution.” A revolution every two years should be even better, one presumes.

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