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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics live reporting

10/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: , , , .

Coverage of the Winter Olympics is better than ever. The latest technology development in television broadcasting and online live reporting by the newspapers brings the latest results literally to your fingertips.

Television broadcasts now have more camera angles, crisper viewing and instant playback. And if you can’t watch the Winter Olympics live on TV from where you are, you can still keep an eye on not only the results but on the actual events as they are reported live by most of the major newspapers.  Read more…

Newspaper archive on Google

30/05/2012. Category: Media. Topic: .

Half of newspapers is rubbish and half is good stuff. Which half is rubbish and which is good is entirely up to your perspective. Or, perhaps, as Shakespeare said, “Nothing is wrong until you think it is.”

Finding either half in newspapers archives is easy thanks to the Google Newspaper Archive Search. Very handy. Features newspapers published as way back as 1790. Pretty awesome.

The new newspapers – good riddance to old news

27/02/2009. Category: Media. Topic: .

The term dead wood media is apt for the old format of newspapers which are struggling to hold their own in the modern media marketplace. Hard to think nowadays that newspapers were the social media of their time, bringing people together to discuss the events of the day, or rather the events of the day before. Good riddance to old news.

Not that you would be saving a tree when you switch to online news only; producing the electricity required to run computers and other electronic devices put paid to that. Fortunately, however, these devices are getting evermore energy efficient. And ever more efficient also are the new newspapers. The internet versions of newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times have finally embraced the new media format properly and have come to play, quickly catching up with and surpassing popular blogs – even the much admired Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo – in style and quality. Read more…