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Raves, Rants, Reviews

KTM 390 Adventure

08/11/2019. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

KTM launched the much-anticipated KTM 390 Adventure at EICMA, the Milan Motorcycle Show. Note, this is the model without the “R” meaning the KTM 390 Adventure R should follow soon.

Details from the KTM press release –

The new KTM 390 ADVENTURE has harnessed the attributes and DNA from the popular and highly rated KTM 790 ADVENTURE as well as the development information gleaned from nearly two decades of Dakar Rally success.

A breezy, agile, and ideal entry model for riders keen to discover the ‘adventure’ sensation, this motorcycle offers added versatility for touring and light offroading.

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KTM 1090 vs 1190 vs 1290 Adventure R

31/03/2017. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

We knew about the KTM 1090 Adventure R long before its arrival but did not know how it will arrive. And arrive with spectacular specifications it did.

It’s not, as was expected, a toned-down 1190 or bumped-up 1050. No, the new KTM 1090 Adventure R – albeit it still with 1050 cc in stock – is, in the big adventure bike segment, the one to beat. Especially considering its aggressive price point.

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Big big 2013

08/01/2013. Category: Raves & Rants. Topic: , , .

KTM 1190 Adventure R

2013 could be a big year. Big budgets, big bailouts, big wars, big people and big beauties. Even the tablets and the mobile phones are getting bigger. Toshiba has already launched the 13-inch Excite and Lenova has the massive 27-inch table tablet. Samsung has the big 5.3-inch Galaxy Note smartphone and Huawei has the 5.5-inch Ascend Mate.

Big budgets in the form of huge tax relief programs and deferred tax credits for banks and corporations made possible only by aggressive austerity measures. “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” 2013 will likely be a big bonus year for bankers.  Read more…

KTM 500 EXC and other hooligans

10/07/2012. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

KTM 500 EXC 2013

The famous orange bikes are built for technical riding. In the wonderlands of enduro and adventure motorcycling, KTMs stand out as hooligan bikes. In the right hands, no trail is too tough.

Well, almost no trail. When you add extreme enduro events such as Baja, Erzberg, Red Bull Romaniacs or the International Six Days – the oldest off-road motorcycle FIM event – into the mix, it’s another story.  Read more…

KTM Adventure 1200, 1000 and 800

30/11/2011. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

The fastest-growing segment of the motorcycle market, the dual-sport adventure market, is being treated to mouthwatering new offerings.

Austrian DS company, KTM, is said to be polishing off their latest power tools as replacements for the iconic KTM 990 series: the KTM 1200 Adventure which will also be available in 1000cc and 800cc formats. Read more…