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Facebook-Google social tiff

13/05/2011. Category: Media. Topic: , .

Google’s Social Circle is a pretty nifty service for those interested in seeing information about friends and friends of friends. Simply sign in to your Gmail account and spy away to your delight. You might discover some amazing gossip, perhaps even about yourself. This is private data no-holds bar available publicly.

Which is what Facebook is making noise about too. Facebook hired PR firm Burson-Marsteller to spread the nasty about Google’s privacy policy, never mind their own piffy privacy policy (as exposed by the Wall Street Journal). So, we have 2 social media giants, both with questionable privacy policies, having their own social face-off on where else but social media hangouts on the web and mobile social networks. Read more…

Facebook the movie – Part 2

13/04/2011. Category: Media. Topic: .

Facebook - The Social Network

In the second part of Facebook the movie, Paul Ceglia faces Mark Zuckerberg in court for 50% ownership of Facebook. Ceglia is armed with a bundle of emails proving his communication on duel-ownership with Zuckerberg. He also waves the receipt of the $1 000 he paid Zuckerberg in November 2003 for 50% of the company-to-be, then still referred to as The Face Book. Zuckerberg is unbothered,  occasionally whispering and smiling with his team of lawyers. They saw the Winklevoss brothers off easily. How could this turn out differently?

Well, how indeed? There is no Face the movie Part 2 yet but Ceglia’s new case, filed at the high court in Buffalo, New York on April 12, against Zuckerberg may just be the perfect plot… with sub plots to match. We ain’t talking pennies here. At stake is a $50 billion empire that appears unstoppable in its growth. Read more…

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