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Energy: The last frontier of the Ukraine war

02/11/2022. Category: Military. Topic: , .

The Ukraine war has intensified the old energy conflict between Russia and the US. The ultimate result of this struggle is uncertain but US main allies, i.e., Europe, are not expected to perform well.

Fossil fuels are the main sources of world energy providing 80% of the world’s consumption. In Europe, and despite long-dated political, social and media initiatives in favor of green energy, in 2021 fossil fuels sourced 70.6% of total energy consumption and renewables only 12.3%, the latter an unremarkable feat as green promotion started in the late 1970s. Historically Europe has relied on Russian fuels and as of May 2022 Russian oil imports represented 23.7% and 16.1% of OECD Europe’s oil demand and total imports, respectively, whereas in 2021 Russian gas equaled 71.7% of Europe’s total gas pipeline imports and 49% of total gas imports, respectively.

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Armenia promises big boost in military spending

30/09/2022. Category: Military. Topic: , , .

By Ani Mejlumyan, Eurasianet.

Armenia has announced that it is increasing its defense budget by nearly 50 percent two years after its defeat in the war to Azerbaijan, as Baku continues to apply military pressure.

The 2023 military budget will be 501 billion drams (over $1.2 billion), according to a draft budget presented by the government at a September 29 cabinet meeting. That would be a 47 percent increase over the 2022 budget in dram terms, and an even greater increase in dollar terms as the Armenian currency has been sharply appreciating in the last several months.

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Is the world really sleepwalking to war? Systems thinking can provide an answer

16/07/2017. Category: Military. Topic: , .

By Roger Bradbury, Australian National University; Chris Barrie, Australian National University, and Dmitry Brizhinev, Australian National University.

The idea the world is sleepwalking to war, much like Europe did in the early years of the 20th century, deserves to be taken seriously. One of us (Chris Barrie) set the hares running recently when he said that, as in 1914, political leaders today are doing just that.

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