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Super Bowl 50 top TV ads

11/03/2016. Category: Media. Topic: .

50 is a big number but the 2016 Super Bowl just couldn’t match its magic. The game was lame and the halftime show was the worst in Super Bowl history.

So, thank goodness for those $5 million TV ads. And though none of them brought the house down – most were rather lame compared to previous years – they did bring interesting statistics to light, in particular the use of second screen usage.

Second screen, as you know, refers to the use of a smartphone or tablet to look up information about what is being shown on TV at that moment. Read more…

2nd most popular Super Bowl ad 2014

04/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos by a whopping 43 to 8 at Super Bowl XLVIII. The game was watched by more than 160 million people; a record 111 million being American football fans. But collectively, more people watched the commercials.

Take the game’s 160 million TV viewers, minus those who went to the loo during the ad breaks but plus those who only watched the commercials (yes, there’s so much hype about the Super Bowl commercials that some rush to the telly to only watch the commercials) and then add all the views the commercials had on YouTube, Vimeo, newspaper sites and many, many blogs.  Read more…

Internet Explorer 10 commercial

28/06/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , , .

Years ago Apple took Microsoft to court over infringement of interface design aspects. Apple did not win the case but their cool, modern layouts won the hearts of people. Still, the bulky, boring Microsoft clinched the numbers – albeit in methods wrapped in controversy.

Once Microsoft owned the desktop, the battle of the browsers was won too. That is until years later when Google’s Chrome raced to the top of the charts. But Microsoft never take things lying down and their new Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 browser look… well, much more like Apple designs than ever.  Read more…

Keira and the Ducati

25/01/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

Even standing still, Keira Knightley is immensely sexy. Strap her into a tight bodysuit, let her loose on a classic Ducati 750 SuperSport and you’ll forget that there’s something strange going on in the economy or that elsewhere people are at war.

Directed by Joe Wright to the soundtrack “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” performed by Joss Stone, the 60-second film version of this Coco Mademoiselle television commercial is simply stunning.  Read more…

Best TV ad 2012

22/12/2012. Category: Media. Topic: , .

Despite the ongoing financial gloom during 2012 there were many funny TV ads to lighten the moment. As usual, the beer companies brought out the guy funnies for their Super Bowl ads while every big business from supermarket conglomerates to struggling car manufacturers drew on their deep coffers and best efforts to bring a smile to potential customers.

But 2012’s best TV ad addressed a serious issue without a big budget, without special fx, without famous stars, without joking about it – and it addressed the matter effectively:  Read more…

The dogs strike back

13/06/2012. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Volkswagen’s award-winning TV commercial “The Force” was a big hit on the 2011 Big Game, going viral with more than 50 million views. It wasn’t going to be easy to match that success but Volkswagen’s ad agency, Deutsch LA, struck back during the 2012 Super Bowl ad break with “The Bark Side” featuring dogs barking the Imperial March.

The dog ad was a big hit, with more bite any other 2012 Super Bowl ad. Then, capitalizing on combining the concept of both ads – the Starwars character and the canines – Volkswagen’s “The dog strikes back” became another (very cute) TV commercial viral video.  Read more…

Get a life, get a hog!

16/10/2011. Category: Wheels. Topic: , , .

Every year Americas spend billions on life coaches, self-improvement courses, plastic surgery and botox. Harley Davidson offers an affordable alternative… as their TV ad explains: Read more…

Kevin Bacon does Kevin Bacon

05/01/2011. Category: Media. Topic: .

The actor famous for being “The Center of Hollywood Universe” as calculated through the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon takes on the role of an obsessed fan of himself in the TV ad for the Logitech Revue gadget.

The ad was produced by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, copywriting by Nat Lawler, directed by Margaret Johnson. Congrats to them for producing a TV ad that brings across the product message well. Read more…

Beautifully made TV commercial

20/08/2009. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Everything else is History – the Renault Mégane TV commercial is a beautifully made ad. The “Back to the Future” concept uses modern TV editing tools marvelously to create a sense of comparison from the old to the new era of motorcars, excellently bringing across the design of the new Renault Mégane Coupe. Read more…