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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7

17/01/2013. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7

The seventh generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the C7, is one of the most modern-looking American cars and one of the best looking cars in the world. “An instant classic,” comes to mind.

The small block LT1 6.2L direct injection V-8 pushes 335kW (450 bhp) through a 7-speed manual or 6-speed paddle shift auto gearbox – with an 8-speed auto shifter said to be in the planning – to the 19-inch  rear wheels. The 285/35 wide tyres are needed to handle the 610Nm (450 lb/ft) torque which will pull 1g in cornering.  Read more…

Chevy 789 by N2A

14/06/2012. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Chevy 789 style

When the Chevy 789 rumbled into life in 2007 it immediately received cult car status. It simply is one of the most beautiful Chevrolets ever made.

The Chevy 789 is crafted by modification company N2A, based in Orange County, California. The “789” designation arrived from the design of the car: the front is styled after a 57 Chevy, the mid section is based on the 58 Impala and the rear inherits the tail fins of a 59 Chevy. The total package sits on the Le Mans-winning Corvette C6 chassis.  Read more…

And this runs on batteries?!

15/11/2011. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Tesla Model S

0 – 60mph in 4.5 seconds. 285 horsepower rear-wheel drive. A drag coefficient of only 0.27. Top speed 130mph. And it runs on batteries?!

Yes, sir! This is the Tesla Model S, a gasoline-free automobile with so many features and gadgets the manual reads like a best-seller. But throw the book aside. That is what Tesla has done every since they designed their first roadster. This beauty is not your normal run of the mill. Read more…

Mama I want a Marcos

28/01/2011. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

You know what happens. You go online to do some research, inevitably end up on YouTube and loose track of time as videos of fast bikes and supercars jump right into your screen. Like the TopGear video of Richard Hammond raving about the Marcos TSO GT2.

“Marcos” – sounds like a Portuguese name but it ain’t. As Wikipedia explains, the name is a combination of founders Jem MARsh and Frank COStin who set up shop in Luton, England in 1959. The company has new owners and again makes great cars.

Look closely at the video: 1) listen to the sound of that 6 liter (366 cu in) V8 engine; 2) look at the great interior; 3) have you ever seen a sober grown man having more fun?! Read more…

California revisited

25/08/2010. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Took the Greyhound all the way from my hideout in Florida east-west across the United States and then north-south back some time ago. It was a trip to discover small town America. The real United States. It left me with a lifetime of great memories.

Skipped most of the cities, giving the noise and smog of places like Huston and Los Angeles a wide berth. San Francisco is different, though. It is unlike any other big city in the world. Big mentality, big attitude, but with friendly folksie people.  Read more…

I don’t want to know

29/03/2010. Category: Wheels. Topic: , , .

When the Ferrari F1 team radioed Fernando Alonso during the last laps of the Australian Grand Prix that Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber were catching up fast with him, Alonso replied, “I don’t want to know!” It will probably go down as one of the most classic responses ever by a racing driver. It was, however, not a cry of desperation by the two-time Formula One champion; rather, it was testament of his absolute concentration on the track. Here was an example of a master at his craft. After all, Fernando Alonso is considered by many to be, pound-for-pound, the best F1 driver on the track today.  Read more…

The new Ferraris

26/01/2010. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Simply awesome. The two new Ferrari models look like a million bucks just standing still.

The Ferrari 458 Italia, which replaces the equally awesome F430, has already received rave reviews. It’s mid-mounted 4.5 litre V8 pumps out 562bhp and 398lb ft of torque, hurling this beauty from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds on it’s way through a seven-speed dual-transmission gearbox up to its 202mph top speed. And it is absolutely beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful Ferrari yet.  Read more…

How to lose your heart to a beauty in 3 seconds

26/01/2010. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Ferrari 458 Italia

Half the world’s population now live in cities – in the United States it is 80%. You don’t need to be a scientist to work out the transport problems. Road vehicles often travel at slower than walking pace, less than 5mph, in city centers. Development in public transport will obviously help to address the problem. But don’t expect it to happen soon because the government gave the money to the banks (probably the reason why Switzerland has the world’s best public transport system).  Read more…

The most anticipated 4 door car in history

07/05/2009. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

The new Porsche Panamera is perhaps the most anticipated 4 door car in history. While the marvelous Porsche 928 was a 2+2 and the awesome Porsche Cayenne is a full 5-seater SUV, the Panamera promises to hail in an new era of “performance for four.”

It is not without competition, though. BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Maserati (Quattroporte) offer powerful 4 door salloons and Lamborghini is expected launch their exciting 4 door Estoque in 2011 while the Aston Martin Rapide grand tourer will debut soon – expect Ferrari to respond. Read more…

The Flying Car – not just pie in the sky

20/03/2009. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

The idea is simple: get in your car and fly to your destination. It is a dream as old as the aircraft itself – but slightly newer than the car itself, the first steam car was mentioned some 300 years ago by Jesuit priest Ferdinand Verbiest. In 1917, Glen Curtis gave the public a taste of things to come with his Autoplane, earning him the title of “father of the flying car.” See History of Flying Cars.

In 1940, Henry Ford predicted, “Mark my words. A combination airplane and motor car is coming. You may smile, but it will come.” Many patents and some serious examples of a flying car would follow, including the legendary Paul Moller‘s Skycar. But it looks as if the Terrafugia Transition flying car will steal the thunder (or, preferably, the skies). It’s a raving good idea and looks like fun too. Read more…

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