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Magnificent motorcars Monterey Car Week 2022 – ICE and EV

22/08/2022. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

The annual Monterey Car Week is a solid reminder that we live in a world of have and have-not as some of the most expensive toys – ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and EV (Electric Vehicle) – are put on display.

For those who invested in Bitcoin in 2015 when it was only $200 and didn’t fall prey to the 2022 Tera Luna crypto scam there were plenty of new supercars to choose from: Aston Martin DBR22 (705 hp), Bentley Mulliner Batur (729 hp), Bugatti W16 Mistral (1,577 hp), Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster (1,817 hp), Koenigsegg CC850 (1,382 hp), Lamborghini Urus Performante (657 hp), Maserati MC20 Cielo (621 hp), Rimac Nevera (1,914 hp), SSC Tuatara (1,750 horsepower) and the Rolls-Royce Pebble Beach Collection, to name a few.

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Brand loyalty is declining for most luxury automakers

14/08/2022. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

New research conducted by S&P Global Mobility has found that brand loyalty—measured as the percentage of buyers that go back to the same brand for their next vehicle—is falling across the luxury segment. This is a major challenge for the top well-known luxury automakers. But three brands have bucked the trend, with one brand, once again, taking top honors.

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Car of the Year 2020

22/04/2020. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

There were some interesting choices for the Car of the Year awards for the 2019/2020 season.

Motor Trend, who coined the phrase Car of the Year (COTY) way back in 1949, named the exciting Chevrolet Corvette C8 as their 2020 winner, calling it “a mid-engine masterpiece.”

Good choice! Since its introduction in 1953 with the C1 model, the Corvette has consistently been one of the coolest muscle cars on the road.

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Car of the Year 2016

02/12/2016. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

The Car of the Year (COTY) choices made by the different magazines and organizations are always interesting. This year, 2016, the results were as surprising as the outcome of United States presidential elections if only that the odds on the predictions were long.

There are many different classes for which awards were made, included Small Cars, Electric Cars, Executive Cars, Sports cars, MPVs and SUVs. But here we’ll look at Car of the Year, usually chosen on top of the classes.

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Toyota Hilux moose test

31/10/2016. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

This is fantastic material for conspiracist.

After losing WWII, the Japanese devised a cunning long-term plan to destroy their old enemy, the Allies. Over decades they crafted cute little cars and pickups that crept into the hearts of the Americans and Europeans. The Toyota Camry and Corolla, Hondas and Nissans have consistently featured well in the rankings of top car sales charts.

With the unsuspecting Americans and Europeans tightly enclosed behind the locked doors of their cute little imports the Empire struck back. Read more…

Getting rich kids to school quickly

01/03/2016. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

You’re a good parent. You also are stinking rich and spoil your kids rotten. It’s only obvious that you want your seedlings to get to school comfortably, stylishly and quickly.

Fortunately, you have many options. But you also have to compete with the Joneses who refuse to be outdone when it comes to chauffeured four-door transport. Among them, they already use a Porsche Canamera, Maserati Qutroporte, Ferrari FF, E63 AMG S, BMW M5, Audi RS7, Cadillac CTS-V and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

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Dakar 2016 – the 4 superheroes

21/01/2016. Category: People. Topic: , .

If you don’t like sleeping, try to do a Dakar race next January. Many participants would get to the end of a stage late at night, then repair the vehicle, sleep perhaps for 2 hours, get up and go to the start point of the next stage. Every day for two weeks.

The Dakar is acknowledged as the world’s toughest race. It’s tough on the competitors and the support staff. Every participant is a hero even if a team did not finish the race.

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New generation Unimog

18/05/2013. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

Unimog stands for UNIversal-MOtor-Gerat – Universal Motor Machine. Universal it is indeed; this dinkey-toy lookalike four wheel drive Mercedes has been crossing rivers and mountains and all kinds of obstacles since 1947.

It was developed to be used as agricultural vehicle but has found favour with many armies in the world. With a strong chassis and huge amount of torque, there is little that can stop the versatile Unimog. It can carry and pull big loads.  Read more…

Ferrari F12belinetta and LaFerrari

15/04/2013. Category: Wheels. Topic: , .

Quicker than the Ferrari Enzo around Fiorano, Ferrari’s test track, the 730-bhp F12berlinetta is furiously fast, capable of 340km/h (211mph). It accelerates from 0–100km/h (62 mph) in 3.1 seconds.

But faster still is the LaFerrari, the 963bhp petrol-electric supercar that reaches the 100km/h mark in less than 3 seconds and runs past the F12berlinetta’s top speed, reaching 349km/h (217mph).  Read more…

Extreme Lada Niva hill climb

13/03/2013. Category: Wheels. Topic: .

What do you call a Lada Niva on top of the hill? A miracle.

You probably know a few Lada Niva jokes yourself but actually Lada is having the last laugh. It was the first mass-produced 4×4, launched in 1977, and still being manufactured in numbers. Sure, they might break easy but they are easy and cheap to fix. And for that reason you’ll find them all over the world, tackling the roughest terrain and usually beating it.  Read more…

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