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Internet Explorer 10 commercial

28/06/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , , .

Years ago Apple took Microsoft to court over infringement of interface design aspects. Apple did not win the case but their cool, modern layouts won the hearts of people. Still, the bulky, boring Microsoft clinched the numbers – albeit in methods wrapped in controversy.

Once Microsoft owned the desktop, the battle of the browsers was won too. That is until years later when Google’s Chrome raced to the top of the charts. But Microsoft never take things lying down and their new Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 browser look… well, much more like Apple designs than ever.  Read more…

Do you like your Facebook friends?

21/03/2013. Category: Media. Topic: .

Your dressed-up friend uploads a photo to Facebook – she’s looking real smart in the new outfit, ready for a big party. You click Like.

The party went well. Lots of fun. Lots of drinks. Lots of laughter and hugging. Your friend uploads the party photo. Everyone on it is a bit red-eyed, lipstick smeared, some unknown characters in the background showing signs. You chuckle, click Like and post a comment.  Read more…

TV coverage of Pope Francis election

14/03/2013. Category: Media. Topic: .

There are few elections that draw as much international attention as for a new Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. Television coverage of the latest papal selection was on par – if not better – than any other major election. The networks brought out all the bells and whistles, literately covering every possible angle.

With so many TV stations covering the event live over a number of hours, one could channel surf at leisure to find the best reporting. So, who had the best coverage of the selection of Pope Francis?  Read more…

Microsoft Office 2013 365 push

29/01/2013. Category: Media. Topic: .

The emperor hath new clothes. Yes, the king of software office suites, Microsoft, launched Office 2013 on January 29, 2013 .

Featuring user interface updates, extended file format support, touch screen capability and a host of niceties that most office workers probably won’t ever use, the new suites are going big on social sharing cloud and subscription.  Read more…

Facebook Graph Search vs Google

28/01/2013. Category: Media. Topic: .

Let’s be honest, Facebook search sucks. Always has. But now that they’ve introduced their new search engine, Graph Search, they promise you will find what you’re looking for. Time will tell.

What you can be sure of for now is that their arch rival, Google, is having a very close look at developments. After all, Facebook has more than 1 billion users, stores more than 240 billion photographs and has more than a trillion connections.  Read more…

Keira and the Ducati

25/01/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

Even standing still, Keira Knightley is immensely sexy. Strap her into a tight bodysuit, let her loose on a classic Ducati 750 SuperSport and you’ll forget that there’s something strange going on in the economy or that elsewhere people are at war.

Directed by Joe Wright to the soundtrack “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” performed by Joss Stone, the 60-second film version of this Coco Mademoiselle television commercial is simply stunning.  Read more…

Best TV ad 2012

22/12/2012. Category: Media. Topic: , .

Despite the ongoing financial gloom during 2012 there were many funny TV ads to lighten the moment. As usual, the beer companies brought out the guy funnies for their Super Bowl ads while every big business from supermarket conglomerates to struggling car manufacturers drew on their deep coffers and best efforts to bring a smile to potential customers.

But 2012’s best TV ad addressed a serious issue without a big budget, without special fx, without famous stars, without joking about it – and it addressed the matter effectively:  Read more…

Twitter embed on WordPress

14/06/2012. Category: Media. Topic: , .


You have to hand it to Matt Mullenberg and the WordPress team. With every update of the WordPress blogging platform they come up with something smackingly good.

The WordPress version 3.4 released today, for instance, introduces a real easy Twitter embed. It works just like the YouTube embed: simply copy the link and paste it into your post. Done!  Here’s an example of a pasted a WWF tweet:  Read more…

Facebook stock price today

07/06/2012. Category: Media. Topic: .

Facebook - The Social Network

The Facebook stock price today is $26. The initial public offering priced the stock priced at $38 but on the morning of the opening on May 18 the price went up to $42, closing back at $38 by end of day’s trading. Since the IPO, the stock has dropped as low as $25, more than 30% from the initial offering.

Since Facebook has gone public it has been a target for short sellers who have dropped the value by $27 billion, a quarter sliced off its initial $104 billion value. Ouch!  Read more…

Newspaper archive on Google

30/05/2012. Category: Media. Topic: .

Half of newspapers is rubbish and half is good stuff. Which half is rubbish and which is good is entirely up to your perspective. Or, perhaps, as Shakespeare said, “Nothing is wrong until you think it is.”

Finding either half in newspapers archives is easy thanks to the Google Newspaper Archive Search. Very handy. Features newspapers published as way back as 1790. Pretty awesome.

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