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Products sold via social media links

05/04/2017. Category: Media. Topic: .

Operating an online shop is hard work. To get products moving you’ll have to do a bit better than competing stores. Especially in the marketing department.

You’ll have to throw some money at Adwords, Facebook ads and the many other advertising platforms. You’ll also have to invest a lot of time in marketing on social network. But with little time on hand, on which social networks should you invest most of your time? The answer might surprise you. Read more…

Super Bowl 50 top TV ads

11/03/2016. Category: Media. Topic: .

50 is a big number but the 2016 Super Bowl just couldn’t match its magic. The game was lame and the halftime show was the worst in Super Bowl history.

So, thank goodness for those $5 million TV ads. And though none of them brought the house down – most were rather lame compared to previous years – they did bring interesting statistics to light, in particular the use of second screen usage.

Second screen, as you know, refers to the use of a smartphone or tablet to look up information about what is being shown on TV at that moment. Read more…

Making operating systems safer and faster with unikernels

17/02/2016. Category: Media. Topic: , .

Technology to improve the security, speed and scale of data processing in age of the Internet of Things is being developed by a Cambridge spin-out company.

Specialised computer software components to improve the security, speed and scale of data processing in cloud computing are being developed by a University of Cambridge spin-out company. The company, Unikernel Systems, which was formed by staff and postdoctoral researchers at the University Computer Laboratory, has recently been acquired by San-Francisco based software company Docker Inc. Read more…

Facebook data suggests people from higher social class have fewer international friends

22/01/2016. Category: Media. Topic: .

New study using Facebook network data, including a dataset of over 57 billion friendships, shows correlation between higher social class and fewer international friendships. Researchers say results support ideas of ‘restricting social class’ among wealthy, but show that lower social classes are taking advantage of increased social capital beyond national borders.

A new study conducted in collaboration with Facebook using anonymised data from the social networking site shows a correlation between people’s social and financial status, and the levels of internationalism in their friendship networks – with those from higher social classes around the world having fewer friends outside of their own country. Read more…

The cloud isn’t as robust as we think

05/10/2015. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

It’s not just Facebook that goes down: the cloud isn’t as robust as we think

The computing cloud we have created supports much of our day-to-day office and leisure activity, from office email to online shopping and sharing holiday photos. Even health, social care and government functions are moving towards digital delivery over the internet. Read more…

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics live reporting

10/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: , , , .

Coverage of the Winter Olympics is better than ever. The latest technology development in television broadcasting and online live reporting by the newspapers brings the latest results literally to your fingertips.

Television broadcasts now have more camera angles, crisper viewing and instant playback. And if you can’t watch the Winter Olympics live on TV from where you are, you can still keep an eye on not only the results but on the actual events as they are reported live by most of the major newspapers.  Read more…

Facebook pages – work less, pay more

07/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: .

You absolutely MUST HAVE a Facebook page. If you have a website, a blog or any business for that matter, you simply cannot do without social marketing and, in particular, a Facebook page.

In fact, back in April 2013 Facebook published a post titled “The Importance of being ‘Liked’ On Facebook, stating –

When someone clicks your page and likes it, that also flows out to their feed to all their friends. So 1,000 people like your page, and if each of them has a 100 friends then multiply that and you get 100,000 people that could see your page.

Read more…

2nd most popular Super Bowl ad 2014

04/02/2014. Category: Media. Topic: , , .

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos by a whopping 43 to 8 at Super Bowl XLVIII. The game was watched by more than 160 million people; a record 111 million being American football fans. But collectively, more people watched the commercials.

Take the game’s 160 million TV viewers, minus those who went to the loo during the ad breaks but plus those who only watched the commercials (yes, there’s so much hype about the Super Bowl commercials that some rush to the telly to only watch the commercials) and then add all the views the commercials had on YouTube, Vimeo, newspaper sites and many, many blogs.  Read more…

Internet Explorer 10 commercial

28/06/2013. Category: Media. Topic: , , , .

Years ago Apple took Microsoft to court over infringement of interface design aspects. Apple did not win the case but their cool, modern layouts won the hearts of people. Still, the bulky, boring Microsoft clinched the numbers – albeit in methods wrapped in controversy.

Once Microsoft owned the desktop, the battle of the browsers was won too. That is until years later when Google’s Chrome raced to the top of the charts. But Microsoft never take things lying down and their new Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 browser look… well, much more like Apple designs than ever.  Read more…

Do you like your Facebook friends?

21/03/2013. Category: Media. Topic: .

Your dressed-up friend uploads a photo to Facebook – she’s looking real smart in the new outfit, ready for a big party. You click Like.

The party went well. Lots of fun. Lots of drinks. Lots of laughter and hugging. Your friend uploads the party photo. Everyone on it is a bit red-eyed, lipstick smeared, some unknown characters in the background showing signs. You chuckle, click Like and post a comment.  Read more…

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