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About nRAVE

Life is a rave… to the nth degree. Therefore… nRave! Raves and reviews about awesome stuff and amazing people. And rants, should it be warranted. And ponderings about the most interesting things in life.

nth degree

The term nth degree is from mathematics where n is the algebraic convention for an arbitrary large integer which may be to infinity, thus the highest possible or to the utmost extreme.

nRave’s icon, as you can see, reflects the nth degree.

In case you’ve wondered, the nRave logo is a simple image composer word cut from a collage of pictures:


The “nRave” title cut from the collage:


The final nRave logo is a smaller version:


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Nutty blogger

nRave is maintained by Jim, a trivia junkie, coffee addict, news pimp, history tramp, thinkerer, tinkerer and keen motorcycle adventure rider.

If you’d like to get in touch – with either a rave or a rant – pop a message to “1” at this domain.

Welcome. Let’s rave!

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