Raves, rants and reviews
Raves, Rants, Reviews

  • The Unstoppable Susan Boyle and memorable Paul Potts

    Susan Boyle, the 47-year-old, fuzzy-haired, singleton, devout Catholic from Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland did for her audition for Britain’s Got Talent and […]

  • The Flying Car – not just pie in the sky

    The idea is simple: get in your car and fly to your destination. It is a dream as old as the aircraft […]

  • The new newspapers – good riddance to old news

    The term dead wood media is apt for the old format of newspapers which are struggling to hold their own in the […]

  • Aristarchos, Copernicus, Bruno, Galilei and the truth

    Greek astronomer Aristarchos of Samos hypothesized in the 3rd century BC that earth is not the center of the universe but revolves […]

  • Killing Him Didn’t Make The Love Go Away

    Only once in a while does a song come along that is so raving good it makes you stop in your tracks […]

  • Leica S2 tells a thousand words

    Leica S2 tells a thousand words

    “Remarkable new camera from Germany redefines the professional DSLR class with a custom 37.5-megapixel, 30 x 45 mm sensor built into a […]

  • Fun wheels – all 3 of them!

    “Developed by aeronautical engineers, form follows function in every aspect of its design.” So says the makers of the exciting Carver One […]

  • Very nice phone very smart

    Sleek and slim, with touch screen, video camera, satnav GPS, premium 3.5G, and a host of other very nice features, the Garmin […]

  • Gimme two

    I want one! Wait; gimme two. It might just be a figure of speech but when you set eyes on the Greg […]

  • “I am Duffy”

    Simple title for a new personal website… but a strong statement: I am Duffy. It is not as if blond Welsh singer […]