Raves, rants and reviews
Raves, Rants, Reviews

  • No whiners and wimps need apply

    The most precious phrase nowadays is, “I have a job.” Did you lose yours? Don’t sit around. Make yourself handy. Join a […]

  • The heroic postman

    Post Office companies around the world have been facing strong opinion and stiff competition. There have been calls for complete privatization and […]

  • Classic Album Covers Stamps

    Classic Album Covers Stamps

    The world’s first prepaid stamps were proposed by English schoolmaster Rowland Hill in 1837 and the first of those stamps went on […]

  • New decade of zest

    Brilliant! The new decade is here, packed with opportunities, another chance to make things right, to live more, to love more. “Another […]

  • Good riddance to a bad decade

    Good riddance to a bad decade

    The first decade of the third millennium will most likely not be remembered for nice gadgets such as the iPhone or Wii […]

  • Best widget of the year

    All the top videos from all the top video tubes rolled into one easy-to-use widget. The Top of the Tubes video widget […]

  • ‘Tis the reason for the season

    On Christmas day, the Jewish shopkeeper gathers his wife and children in the living room. “Look,” he says, “look at all the […]

  • The new Susan Boyle – swan of the music scene

    The new Susan Boyle – swan of the music scene

    If you ever doubted the value of time just look at what difference a year can make. In January 2009, Susan Boyle […]

  • The Living Statues

    The Living Statues

    Stand absolutely still for five minutes… just five minutes. It is not easy. You will notice pain appears from your feet, your […]

  • Paloma Faith – Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful

    With an impressive stage wardrobe, stunning choreography and a voice to match singer/songwriter Paloma Faith makes her performance as easy to watch […]

  • The Two Johns

    John Bird and John Fortune, “The Two Johns”, excellently portray bankers and politicians in sketches of the modern-day ignorance. Featured in the […]

  • Michael S Hart and the eBook

    Michael S Hart and the eBook

    Not too long ago the eBook was the stuff of science fiction books, much like we now talk about how we will […]