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Toyota Hilux moose test

This is fantastic material for conspiracist.

After losing WWII, the Japanese devised a cunning long-term plan to destroy their old enemy, the Allies. Over decades they crafted cute little cars and pickups that crept into the hearts of the Americans and Europeans. The Toyota Camry and Corolla, Hondas and Nissans have consistently featured well in the rankings of top car sales charts.

With the unsuspecting Americans and Europeans tightly enclosed behind the locked doors of their cute little imports the Empire struck back.

There are the infamous incidents of runaway cars, brake problems, melting dashboards and defective, shrapnel-hurling airbag inflators. And that’s just the Toyota problems – or, if you’re a conspiracists, the “Toyota Attack Plan.”

You can also see the Honda problems, Mazda problems and the Nissan problems.

Toyota Hilux fails moose test

But back to TAP (Toyota Attack Plan). Google “Toyota Hilux fails moose test” and you’ll get leading stories from the popular car magazines and many newspapers and television stations. Most will feature a snapshot from the source, a popular YouTube video by Swedish car magazine Teknikens Värld.


It seems as if Toyota built the Hilux specifically to NOT be able to swerve away safely in case of a Japanese missile attack. If you still have a Hilux during the final retaliation, you’re a sitting duck! Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

The moose test (and perhaps the TAP strategy) demonstrated by said magazine –

This post is made tongue-in-cheek, of course. The fact is, the Japanese cars are not only the best-selling cars in America, they also are the most reliable cars and best-sellers all over the world. Well, except for the poorly rated, overpriced Hilux. And that’s no theory.

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