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Edgeless smartphones 2016

You’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on your latest long-term mobile phone contract. You carefully unbox your latest acquisition and admire its beautiful lines. Then you set it up to your liking and log on to the internet… only to discover a newer, smarter, even more attractive smartphone. Darn!

Chances are that one of those newer model that caught your eye is an edgeless smartphone. They simply look awesome, don’t they?

Edgeless, or bezel-less, smartphones have been around for a while. Back in 2015, Phone Arena had a look at 10 smartphones with little or no screen bezels, including the phone with the first edge-to-edge display, the Moto Droid Razr i.

Review Hub called 2016 “the year of the affordable bezel-less phones” and had a look at the top 5 bezel-less phones, which included the ZTE Nubia and the very attractive elePhone S7.

elephone-s7elePhone S7

Yes, the elePhone is attractive because it is a design copy of that other famous S7. There are small differences between the two so one would assume that either elePhone has a deal with Samsung or simply is incredibly stupid to take on the giant of the mobile phone world.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Running ahead of the pack is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, unveiled in February 2016 and selling like hot cakes. If you’ve ever held one in your hand you’ll know that this phone feels right in just about every aspect. It is a really, really nice phone.


In their Best 20 phones of 2016, TechRadar calls the S7 Edge “The  best smartphone in the world – it’s a work of art.” In their review of the best of the year, Pocket-Lint concurs:

It’s slick and fast and every inch the flagship experience, topped-off with a slick fingerprint scanner and a camera to deliver the whole smartphone package.

So, there you have it: the world’s best edgeless phone for 2016 is the S7 Edge while the second best is the S7 Edge clone.

But don’t rush out to sign yet another contract because the Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably be even better, and the iPhone 8 will most likely also feature an edgeless screen.

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