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An appointment with the Justice Minister

Here’s the plan: you dress up like an Arab, fly to Israel, throw a bag of instant popping popcorn at a Jew, get bashed up immediately, get thrown in jail… and then you make your move.

Considering the treatment you would have received and with clearly visible scars you insist on pleading your case privately with the Justice Minister in her chambers. There you can feast your eyes.

ayelet-shakedAyelet Shaked, Justice Minister of Israel

Ayelet Shaked

This is not a girlie you tackle without gloves. She’s a firebrand that does not beat about the bush. She does not believe in a two-state solution, insists that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy,” will beat you hands-down on a debate about the West Bank and don’t mince her words about BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions organization launched in 2005 by Palestinians).

This is a lady with a very interesting background, as per Wikipedia. BSc in electrical engineering and computer science. Her paternal grandmother immigrated to Israel from Iraq as a single mother in the 1950s. Her father is Iraqi-born and she describes herself as ‘half-Iraqi and proud of it.’

Her mother is a Bible teacher but Ms Shaked is the only secular member in the right-wing Orthodox Jewish, religious Zionist Jewish Home party.

She took office at age 39 in 2015. Yeah, she looks really good for her age, doesn’t she?

OK, so now that the background checks are out of the way you’d probably like to get down to business. Sorry mate, this is where you’ll have to shackle your dreams. This attractive lady is married with two children. Her husband is a fighter pilot.

Well, there’s always the other sexy ladies in politics. But if you have a particular thing for sexy female Justice Ministers you might want to go throw your popcorn in Armenia. There you might just end up in the chambers of the 32-year-old, unmarried Arpine Hovhannisyan, the youngest Justice Minister in the world.

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