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Honda X-ADV adventure scooter launch set for EICMA 2016

One of the most important vehicles in the modern motorcycle world is to be launched at EICMA in November 2016.

Honda first showed the X-ADV as the “City Adventure concept” alongside the new CRF1000L Africa Twin at EICMA 2015 as a foreshadow of “a new development direction for adventure-focused machines.”

The teaser videos are titled “Your horizons are going to change forever” and “Every road is my road.” And that seems like a promise the world has eagerly been waiting for.


Well, the new Africa Twin has already scooped up praise as a most capable – if not the most capable – adventure motorcycle, with sales figures to match.

If the Africa Twin model with the automatic gearbox draws many more riders into the adventure riding market they are most likely to be followed by even larger numbers with the Honda X-ADV. Here you have a scooter for easy, economical urban transport which you can load up over the weekend to explore your rural surroundings. It promises to be the best of both worlds.

Two wheel RV

Adventure bikes such as the popular BMW R1200GS has long been the daily commute for many who also venture beyond the paved roads but the Honda X-ADV, being a scooter, will appeal to those who do not mind much for the macho biker image and in particular for those who do not feel like challenging the weight of the traditional adventure bikes. After all, during the 1980s the average age of the motorcyclist was 24, by 2000 it was 40 and by 2010 it was already 49. Nowadays – in fact, more than ever before – you’ll find many ardent motorcycle riders in their 60s and 70s.

In short, think of the Honda X-ADV as a two wheeled RV. It should, in the scooter tradition, feature ample storage space, easy to maneuver and, with DCT auto gearbox, easy to control. And, of course, it will be comfortable. The perfect draw card for a whole new generation (of all ages) of adventure riders.

X-ADV off road?

Let’s face it, most riders with adventure bikes never test the true capabilities of their machines. Then again, most truck (pickup) drivers hardly ever utilize their utes even close to the max. But should they want or need to, they will have the tools at hand.

Screen shots from the latest X-ADV videos shows that is has ample ground clearance and a decent belly pan.


Honda X-ADV ground clearance


Honda X-ADV belly pan

In the following image, courtesy of Ultimate Motorcycle via Honda, the X-ADV certainly looks as if it has what it takes to properly tackle gravel roads.


Honda X-ADV off road

Honda X-ADV specs

The X-ADV is basically developed from the Integra scooter, featuring the liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder 745cc engine. [Update:] It will have a 17-inch front and 15-inch rear wheel, but shod on spokes and perhaps a little wider.

Unless Honda has tweaked the engine, expect 40.3kW (54hp) @ 6,250rpm and 68Nm (50ft.lbs.) @ 4,750rpm.

The frame and body would obviously – well, hopefully – be strengthened for adventure riding.

Honda X-ADV teaser videos

To date, we’ve seen three teaser videos for the X-ADV. The first two were titled “Your horizons are going to change forever” – episodes 1 and 2 – followed by “X-ADV: Every Road Is My Road.” These titles reiterate Honda’s mentioned introduction to the new concept, “a new development direction for adventure-focused machines” and perhaps also the opening words of this post: one of the most important vehicles in the modern motorcycle world.

Welcome to the new adventure!

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