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Super Bowl 50 top TV ads

50 is a big number but the 2016 Super Bowl just couldn’t match its magic. The game was lame and the halftime show was the worst in Super Bowl history.

So, thank goodness for those $5 million TV ads. And though none of them brought the house down – most were rather lame compared to previous years – they did bring interesting statistics to light, in particular the use of second screen usage.

Second screen, as you know, refers to the use of a smartphone or tablet to look up information about what is being shown on TV at that moment.

Super Bowl 50 most popular ad

The most popular ad according to the USA Today Ad Meter was Hyundai’s “First Date.”

Billboard thinks that Hyundai’s “Ryanville” was the best Super Bowl 50 ad.

The Unruly Viral Video Chart gave the honour of most-shared Super Bowl 50 ad to Doritos “Ultrasound” (with the Hyundai ad in 6th place).

But, to reiterate the state of Super Bowl as entertainment, Unruly hit the nail on the head:

Super Bowl 50 was Super Bowl Lite: light-hearted, light in substance, and light in emotional intensity.

Which brings us to the second screen usage.

Super Bowl 50 second screen

Second screen usage, according to MoEngage and others was up by a fair amount this year. In fact, according to Think With Google, searches for brand commercials was up by 40% over the previous year.

Interestingly, mobile phones were, as can be expected, used for 82% of those searches, tablets were used 7% and desktop computers – this is the interesting part – were used for 11% of those searches.

The increase in second usage most likely is simply because of the rise in the number of people using smartphones to surf the web. But it could be that the poor event contributed to the distraction.

Anyhow, so, what was the most searched for Super Bowl 50 TV ad on second screens?

Super Bowl 50 most searched ads

Answer: Audi “Commander” with Nic D’Avirro as the commander, Gunner Wright as the young commander and featuring David Bowie’s Starman as soundtrack.

This (rather excellent) ad was written by Rus Chao and Paul Venablesis of Venables Bell & Partners and directed by MJZ‘s Craig Gillespie.


Super Bowl 50 final score

For the record, the Santa Clara, California Levi’s Stadium hosted Super Bowl 50. The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

But this was an event in which the final score is yet to be settled. The anti-police, anti-white rhetoric by the Black Panther-attired Beyonce and entourage during and after the halftime show and, in particular, the response in the media and social media after the game made Super Bowl the loser. It is always sad when a sports event is politicized. The controversy drew a tremendous amount of response and, this being an election year, probably did more harm than good to the intended cause. The winner most likely will be white consciousness.

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