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New Honda Africa Twin in action

A replacement for the legendary XRV750 Africa Twin, which was based on the Dakar-winning NXR750 and was produced from 1989 until 2003, always was going to be a big call.

That call finally came when Honda announced the new 1000cc Africa Twin in May 2014, creating quite a stir. Early pictures showed promise but it was more than a year later that the new Africa Twin in action was released in “leaked” videos.

The latest video shows a discussion of the new Africa Twin by Honda development staff, with some mouth-watering action footage of two Africa Twins, in red and white.

Here are some screenshots grabbed from the video (the video is featured below) –

Honda CRF100L Africa Twin in action

Experienced adventure riders are begging for a big dual purpose bike that meets the magic 100hp/200 kg-or-less (440 lb or less) mark. Will the new Africa Twin answer that call?

As mentioned in the video, the bike seems small for a 1000cc. But considering the weight of new electronics – ABS, Traction Control, etc. and including the dual clutch transmission (a first for adventure bikes) – wet weight will probably be more than 200 kg, likely closer to the 215 kg (474 lb) and 214 kg (472 lb) respectively of the Triumph Tiger 800 XC and the BMW F800GS.

For the record, the KTM 1050 Adventure weighs in at 212 kg (467 lb) dry and with cast wheels; wet weight probably is over 220 kg (485 lb). [But KTM might just have something up their sleeve, even if just for the rumoured new Husqvarna 800.] The sexy Moto Morini Granpasso 1200 weighs around 210 kg (465 lb) and delivers 86 kW (117 hp).

At least, telling from the screenshot, the new Africa Twin sure has wings!

Honda Africa Twin screenshot

The F800GS commands 85 ponies (64 kw) while Tiger 800 delivers a respectable 95 hp (71 kw). The KTM 1050 copies the Tiger on output. The hefty (261 kg , 575 lb) but rock steady Yamaha Super Ténéré motors along fine with 108.5 hp (80.9 kW).

Hold your breath! Power figures of the new Africa Twin has yet to be has been released: Africa Twin specs.

Honda Africa Twin screenshot

Is it an adventure if there’s no dirt involved? Watching the video, it looks as if the new bike actually enjoys getting a bit dusty.

There are no water crossings in the video but looking at the design of the upper section it looks as if its wading depth will be most acceptable.

Honda Africa Twin on the road

Yes, you can have a real motorcycle adventure even if there’s no dirt involved. “Adventure” is a state of mind. And the bike looks nicely sleek on the tarmac too.

This video, found on the ADV Pulse channel and elsewhere on YouTube, reveals interesting points about the world’s newest adventure motorcycle contender. If, for one thing, it shows that Honda is taking the adventure bike market on with soul.

The new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin will be released in Europe late in 2015 and in the United States in early 2016.

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