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Something beautiful for today

Spend just a moment a day to stand still and have a good look around you. There are so many amazing things in life. Anything from great gadgets and stunning architecture to ever-intriguing animals.

Spend a moment whatever the weather. Snowing right now? No two snowflakes are alike (due to the estimated 10 quintillion water molecules which make up a snowflake). Even so, as they say, if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it. Look for something nice today. Something beautiful.

You can even google for something beautiful. Think about anything – just add the word “beautiful.” Such as beautiful car, beautiful house or beautiful animal. 

Try beautiful Mandarin duck. You’ll get something beautiful like this –

Mandarin duck

When you find something beautiful, it will most likely bring a smile to your face. (Tip: people who smile more are like more.)

Here’s hoping you have a beautiful day :)

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