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Retro and real retro – the Dirico Flyer

You have a choice of meanings when using the word “retro.” Retrofit means “to add a component or accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured.” Retrograde is “going back in position or time.” Retrospective as noun means “an exhibition or compilation showing the development of an artist’s work over a period of time.”

Whichever, when we say something is retro we mean to say it is cool. Even nostalgically nice. And then you have Real Retro. Something massively WOW. Totally awesome. Like the Dirico Flyer. 

Dirico Flyer 2013

Dirico Flyer

Dirico Flyer quick specs

1450cc (88ci) V-Twin Harley-Davidson Twin Cam B engine
Electronic Sequential-Port Fuel Injection
H-D 5-Speed LSD transmission
Kraft-Tech frame
16-inch wheels

Dirico motorcycles

The Dirico brand is found in the name of Mark Dirico who, according an excellent Motorcycle-USA.com review of Dirico motorcycles, “made his name in the printing biz and his 20 patents attest to his engineering prowess.”

The partners are Stephen Talarico and Aerosmith legend Steve Tyler; the latter actually has a hand in designing these awesome-looking machines.

Dirico also makes a Bobber, a Speedster, Roadster and two other models. You can lust your eyes on the official Dirico Motorcycles site.

Oh, and, yes, they are expensive. But then, so is any brilliant work of art.

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