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2nd most popular Super Bowl ad 2014

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos by a whopping 43 to 8 at Super Bowl XLVIII. The game was watched by more than 160 million people; a record 111 million being American football fans. But collectively, more people watched the commercials.

Take the game’s 160 million TV viewers, minus those who went to the loo during the ad breaks but plus those who only watched the commercials (yes, there’s so much hype about the Super Bowl commercials that some rush to the telly to only watch the commercials) and then add all the views the commercials had on YouTube, Vimeo, newspaper sites and many, many blogs. 

There you have it. Possibly the only time in the entire universe that commercials are more popular than the content.

Even before the game, the bets were on for the most popular Super Bowl commercial.

Of course, by now you know very well that it was the Budweiser “Puppy Love.” A very cute commercial but a tad dubious since it uses a puppy and a colt to promote, of all things, alcohol. But credit given, the pay-off line is a nice word play (and clever spelling by use of the capitals), “Best Buds.”

And the 2nd most popular Super Bowl commercial in 2014?

Adbowl doesn’t stick its neck out on the runner up but does show the Audi Doberhuahua – yes, more dogs – straight after the winner.

The USA Today Ad Meter awards the second spot to Doritos “Cowboy Kid.”

At this time of writing, the jury was still out on the YouTube Ad Blitz results.

Browsing the international media and looking at the YouTube views, the nRave vote for the 2nd most popular Super Bowl XLVIII commercial goes to one that was not even broadcasted, the banned SodaStream “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” commercial featuring a sultry Scarlett Johansson.


SodaStream never looked so good – until now!

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream commercial

Come to think of it, whichever of the 60-something flavours you’d add to Soda Stream, it never looked this enticing. And for that, we’ll say “Cheers,” Scarlett, you are our Woman of the Month.

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