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Leaner, Meaner 2014

All gone! 2013 is gone and dusted. Came and went in a flash, didn’t it? Or, sadly, in a bang in many places as wars in Africa and the Middle East escalated and suicide bombers continued to kill innocent people. Oh, how we wish that would end!

As predicted, 2013 was a big, big year. There were big bailouts but there also were some big positive moments: the new BMW R1200GS, KTM 1190, new line of Harley Davidsons, the new Indians, new iPhone, iPad Air, new Samsung Galaxy products, etc. 2014 will see even more new bikes, cars and gadgets – and they promise to be leaner and meaner. 

Happy New Year!Expect lighter, faster gadgets and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Social media will most likely have an even bigger impact on politics and life in general.

Of course, there will be new mistakes but there also will be new solutions.

Whatever 2014 holds for you, keep the words of Steve Jobs in mind: “The journey is the reward.”

Here’s wishing you a leaner, meaner 2014!

A memorable moment from 2013: On Sept. 12, 2013, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft became the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space –

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