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Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Mesh Intelligent Alternative ADV Jacket

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to jackets for adventure motorcycle riding. They are available in different types of material and designs for different types of conditions. Pricing varies a lot too; you get what you pay for.

The only difficult part – and the most confusing – in choosing a jacket, adventure riders will tell you, is finding a do-it-all jacket. Some brands have jackets with good crash armour protection but they can be heavy and stiff. Others have excellent rain protection but they are too hot in summer. 

Intelligent alternative

When you browse adventure motorcycling forums you’ll come across many reviews for famous brands such as Fly, Icon, Klim, Rev’It, Richa, RST, etc. Reading them, you might come away thinking that all the jackets are good. And, actually, most are. But not as do-it-all jackets.

There is, however, an intelligent alternative: Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Mesh

Motoport uses a blend of Kevlar and Cordura materials – called Stretch Kevlar – for their motorcycle apparel. It weighs less and has a very high tear strength. Best of all, it “will not conduct cold or heat like leather or nylon… No venting necessary, the entire jacket is a vent.”

The Ultra II Kevlar Mesh has a host of other benefits and safety features, which you can read about on the official page. There you’ll also notice that they tailor-make the jackets. They also give a life-time warranty on their apparel.

Motoport Ultra II Kevlar Mesh motorcycle jacket

All over the world

The company was founded in 1965 as Difi, established the Motoport brand name in 1987 and has been supplying gear to motorcycle police departments all over the world. Now you know why motorcycle cops are non-the-bothered by the weather.

There is a big discussion thread of Motoport jackets on advrider forum. The reviews are very positive indeed.


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