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BBM app cracks into Android and iPhone

60 million people use the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service. BBM handles 10 billion messages per day. Even compared to WhatsApp’s 27 billion messages by 250 million users, the BBM numbers are significant. From these numbers you’ll notice that BBM users are far more active. No wonder, then, that BlackBerry is referred to as “CrackBerry,” alluding to the addictive (free) texting by its users.

Launching the BBM app to the huge Android and iPhone market should boost BBM numbers significantly and probably is making Fairfax Financial, the prospective new owner of BlackBerry, smile even more. The new app was downloaded more than 10 million times in the first 24 hours, achieving the number one app status in the US, UK, Canada and many other countries. 

What next?

The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone was announced a day after BBM for Android and iPhone was released. It probably won’t do much to BlackBerry’s single digit share of the smartphone market (236.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide in 2Q13, Samsung being the most popular smartphone) but it might not even matter. BBM has always been BlackBerry’s best bet.

BlackBerry Z30


How to get BBM for Android and iPhone

You can cracking over on the official BBM page or touch down at Google Play for Android or iTunes app store for iPhone.

By the way, the BBM app is free.

Once you’ve received your BBM PIN, you can search for your friends, send private messages or send group messages. You can share music, photos and videos with multiple contacts at once and you can do video calls. BBM actually is a pretty nifty service. In fact, you might just get hooked.

If you’re not sure how to use the app on an Android phone, there’s help at… where else but CrackBerry.com.

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