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10MB HDD Way Back Then

Ran across an ad from July 1980 for a 10MB hard drive. Price: $3,495! Wow! An internal 250gig HDD now costs $35 and a 4 Terabyte HDD about $200.

It is interesting to see how the price of some things have gone up crazily but dropped significantly for other stuff. The old adage that “Everything goes up, only the rain comes down” is not quite true. Traditionally, the price of a motorcar has been the equivalent of a year’s average income.

Fortunately, the prices of electronic goods such as television sets, cell phones and computer items have come down as demand increased and the cost of manufacturing dropped (relatively).

The ad mentioned was placed by a company called Computer Components from Van Nuys, California. A quick google shows that they are still there, meaning that they had the price right.

10MB HDD ad 1980

To see lots of interesting old computer ads simply google images with “old computer ads.” Also see old computer ads on YouTube.

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