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Internet Explorer 10 commercial

Years ago Apple took Microsoft to court over infringement of interface design aspects. Apple did not win the case but their cool, modern layouts won the hearts of people. Still, the bulky, boring Microsoft clinched the numbers – albeit in methods wrapped in controversy.

Once Microsoft owned the desktop, the battle of the browsers was won too. That is until years later when Google’s Chrome raced to the top of the charts. But Microsoft never take things lying down and their new Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 browser look… well, much more like Apple designs than ever. 

The Internet Explorer 10 TV “Child of the 90s” commercial reminds one just a little of Apple’s legendary “Think Different” commercial of 1997. The looking-back-looking-forward pitch that always is so catchy… when done right. And Microsoft did get it right with this new commercial.

The IE 10 commercial was created by Column Five, Newport Beach, California. It has been viewed 40 million times on YouTube and, as Stephanie Mlot of PC Mag points out, there are “19 nostalgic memories in the 1:40 commercial.”

Microsoft certainly is playing for keeps. IE 10 is friendlier, faster and more secure than ever. In their own words, “you grew up – so did we.”

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