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New generation Unimog

Unimog stands for UNIversal-MOtor-Gerat – Universal Motor Machine. Universal it is indeed; this dinkey-toy lookalike four wheel drive Mercedes has been crossing rivers and mountains and all kinds of obstacles since 1947.

It was developed to be used as agricultural vehicle but has found favour with many armies in the world. With a strong chassis and huge amount of torque, there is little that can stop the versatile Unimog. It can carry and pull big loads. 

The new generation Unimogs are available in many configurations for use in agriculture, industrial, military and transport applications and even as a personal recreational vehicle. You’ll find one of the seven 4 or 6-cylinder diesel BlueEfficiency engine options to suit your challenging needs. There’s even a gas engine option available. As gizmag points out:

“Output ranging from 115 kW (156 hp) and 260 kW (354 hp). The latter is a 7.7 liter beast of a thing developing 885 lb.ft. of torque to help pull trains and buildings and such.”

Mercedes Unimog

Obviously, you’ll need to dig deep into your pocket to buy and then to run one of these funky-looking toys. They cost $100,000 upwards and use around 3 gallons of gas per hour, depending on the model. But, heck, they are kinda cute! In 2012, even Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced his Hummer with a customized Unimog for an estimated $250,000.

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