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Thanks Dr Jakob

They call him “the smartest person on the Web” and “the king of usability,” amongst many other accolades. The world’s biggest media groups and companies, including Adobe, General Motors, Google, Microsoft, Reuters and Sony, follow his advice on web page design. He is Dr Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group.

Over the years Dr Jakob has shared invaluable tips on effective web page design absolutely free. They were invaluable because they were proven to work through the many studies conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, the world’s leading computer user analysis researchers. 

Dr Jakob NielsenAll the design and usability advice used to be available on the domain useit.com but has now been incorporated into article section on the Nielsen Norman Group site. All still there – even the famous Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design – and all still FREE. To which we again say, “Thanks Dr Jakob!”

If you’ve been following Dr Jakob’s articles through the years you’ll know that they are easy to understand and often sprinkled with a bit of humour… none better than Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential Design Principles for Felines.*

“For our study, we recruited 16 cats as test participants: 4 British shorthairs, 3 Persians, 2 Siamese, 2 Maine Coons, 2 Russian Blues, and 3 cats of “unknown origin.” … All but three of the cats were allowed outside daily, and all of the test users were experienced with traditional cat toys, including balls and milk-jug rings.”

The principles of the Norman Nielsen Group are Dr Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini but they also have a number of very attractive ladies who know exactly what you’ll be doing on the web and how you’ll be doing it.

* The cat study is an excellent April’s Fool “study.”

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