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Why global warming is not good for you

Why is global warming not good for you? Well, look what happened last time! The last period of global warming was in the time of the dinosaurs and it probably was global warming that wiped them out.

Then again, global cooling is not good either; that’s what led to the extinction of the Neanderthals. Some living beings live just fine in really cool climates but the type of food we humans like can’t be grown in icy conditions.¬†

Snowman hijackBut for now, don’t allow global warming to hijack the snowman; let’s drive less, use public transport. If possible, walk more.

Use less electricity. And for goodness sake, burn less wood. Deforestation is a major factor in global warming and global cooling. To keep warm, rather cuddle more.

Consider winterizing and summerizing your house and yourself. It won’t break the bank. And it won’t break the earth.

There also is substantial scientific evidence (somewhere – surely, there absolute must be) that proves that smiling keeps the weather in check.

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