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Extreme Lada Niva hill climb

What do you call a Lada Niva on top of the hill? A miracle.

You probably know a few Lada Niva jokes yourself but actually Lada is having the last laugh. It was the first mass-produced 4×4, launched in 1977, and still being manufactured in numbers. Sure, they might break easy but they are easy and cheap to fix. And for that reason you’ll find them all over the world, tackling the roughest terrain and usually beating it. 

Also known as the Lada Sport and Lada Taiga, they as produced in Russia as the Lada 4×4. It hasn’t changed much over the years – in fact, together with the Lada sedan, it is one of the highest-selling vehicles without major design changes. (Production of the old boxy sedan – more than 20 million units sold – was halted in 2012.)

Lada Niva jokes

What do you call a Lada Niva in winter? A freezer. And in summer? An oven.

What do you call a Lada Niva with dual exhausts? A wheelbarrow.

What’s the definition of an optimist? The owner of a Lada with an alarm system.

How do you double the value of a Lada? Fill the petrol tank.

Why do Ladas have a rear wash-wipe? To remove the flies that crash into them.

You’ll find many more Lada jokes at Baxter’s Niva site.

Lada Niva extreme

Mighty little Lada Niva – click for video

Jokes aside

Browse pictures on 4×4 and extreme adventure sites and you’ll notice a Lada Niva in the background crossing a river hood-deep (bonnet-deep) while drivers of expensive 4x4s are still contemplating the risks.

And as Baxter points out, it was a Lada Niva that was the first vehicle to be driven to the North Pole, held the record for the highest altitude climb and Lada Nivas won many off-road rally races.

Simply put, the Lada Niva is no-risk-no-reward (à la Leo Buscaglia) extreme fun.

And a Lada Niva can reach the top of a hill:

Video: Extreme Lada Niva hill climb


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