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Do you like your Facebook friends?

Your dressed-up friend uploads a photo to Facebook – she’s looking real smart in the new outfit, ready for a big party. You click Like.

The party went well. Lots of fun. Lots of drinks. Lots of laughter and hugging. Your friend uploads the party photo. Everyone on it is a bit red-eyed, lipstick smeared, some unknown characters in the background showing signs. You chuckle, click Like and post a comment. 

Every time you click Like, anyone on Facebook (including other countries ) can see your pictures, likes and comments. That is due to the OpenGraph system on Facebook. All of a sudden, your privacy and those of your friends went walkabout. That bit of bust showing on her photo becomes a talking point on smartphone chats.

Like maybe? Trust

Way back in Facebook startup days (2004 and thereabouts) Mark Zuckerberg boasted that people shared so much personal information that even he was astonished. Instantly he knew the (monetary) value of it. He disregarded the fact that his new “friends” actually just shared the same information they would share with anyone else they trust. Like the information you share with your dentist or mechanic or teacher or an acquaintance. You do so with the believe that they would not broadcast your personal information to the rest of the world.

You wouldn’t broadcast your friend’s personal information to the rest of the world, would you? If you do, you’re not a friend, you’re a menace, a cheat, a cheapskate, and most likely a narcissist. In simple terms, you’re a stalker. In other words, you’re sick in the head.

Be faithful to your friends

But since you really do like your Facebook friends, you will respect their privacy and make sure that your and their comments, photos, videos and likes are shared PRIVATELY amongst yourselves. So, if you want stop strangers from seeing everything you do, there is a simple solution:

As per Naked Security, you and your friends need to change your privacy settings to “Friends” (NOT “Friends of friends”) or custom lists. That’s it.

Liking Facebook

Facebook is nice place to hang out on. Never mind the principles of the founders, it will always be a nice place if friends respect each other on it.

Here’s a reminder of what Zuckerberg and privacy:

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