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Microsoft Office 2013 365 push

The emperor hath new clothes. Yes, the king of software office suites, Microsoft, launched Office 2013 on January 29, 2013 .

Featuring user interface updates, extended file format support, touch screen capability and a host of niceties that most office workers probably won’t ever use, the new suites are going big on social sharing cloud and subscription. 

Microsoft Office 2013With tighter integration for the Microsoft cloud service, SkyDrive, Office 2013 also has some cool social sharing services. This new suite makes it much easier to, for instance, report your corporation’s shady deals with corrupt politicians. At the simple fingertip touch of the screen and you’ve sent the latest data to all your inquisitive acquaintances. That is, if your system is running on the touch screen-enabled Windows 8 platform.

It is now even easier to collaborate within the Small Business Premium, ProPlus and Enterprise environment. The list of features is impressive. But you can get all these great features only through the Office 365 subscription service, meaning you can’t buy it as a stand-alone software license. For a monthly or quarterly fee you’ll automatically get all the latest, greatest updates and be able to share everything online with your colleagues or clients – yes, even funny cat pics and blooper videos. Think of it as a version of Facebook allowed during office hours.

As Forbes pointed out, the new Office 2013 looks pretty nifty. In fact, just as nifty and at about the same price as the Google Apps for Business. The latter was launched way back in 2006 – as Google Docs, speaking under correction – but is hardly noticed, compared to the number of Office users.

Pay the emperor!

If you forget to pay the Office 365 subscription you can always catch a snowmobile and deliver the latest reports by hand. If, however, you forgot to save the work to your desktop… well, take the cab anyhow because your boss will probably throttle you. Getting into a cloud without paying is like getting a hot pizza delivered during a snow storm. Possible but unlikely.

Fear not! Inform your boss that you do get the Home & Student, Home & Business and Professional versions as boxed editions. They might not have all the features of the other versions but they are nice. In fact, most people in the world will most likely have one even before that winter pizza is delivered.

So, here we have a new Microsoft Office with some cool, modern, sharing features that might make everyone except Google happy.

What, you never liked Microsoft Office?! Sit back and relax, feet up and boot up. Nearly everybody drives on the right and soon you’ll have to too. No matter the weather.


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