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Loony Tunes flash drives

No matter how young or old you are, Loony Tunes cartoon characters will always bring a smile to your dial. Stumbling across the Loony Tunes flash drives made by Emtec did just that. Awh, they’re cute :)

Emtec also licensed Angry Birds, Asterix, Pucca & Garu and Kooky characters for USB flash drives. As with the Loony Tunes flash drives, they’re only 46mm  (1.8 inches) high max and have small straps with which you can attach the character to a keyring or a bag handle.

Technically they’re not too shabby either, sporting 15MB/s read and 5MB/s write times. And they come in either 4GB or 8GB capacity.

Emtec Loony Tunes Flash Drives

The Angry Bird flash drives:

Emtec Angry Birds Flash Drives

Emtec is the old BASF Magnetics that became Emtec Magnetics, a top flash drive seller. And in case you forgot, BASF invented the magnetic tape for audio recordings way back in 1934.

Here’s their interesting history:

1934 – Invention of the first magnetic tape for audio recordings
1936 – Worldwide first recording of a concert on a audio tape: Sir Thomas Beecham and the London Symphonic Orchestra
1953 – Launch of consumer tape products for audio recordings
1966 – Start of Audio-Cassette production
1973 – Start of Floppy Disk production
1977 – Start of Video-Cassette production
1996 – BASF Magnetics becomes an independent Inc. Launch of the CD-Recordable range
1997 – New company name: EMTEC Magnetics
1999 – Launch of the DVD-Recordable range
2000 – World-wide introduction of the EMTEC brand
2006 – Acquisition by Dexxon Group. Extension of product portfolio to mobile storage
2006 – #1 selling brand of USB keys in France and #3 in Europe for 5 years and counting.
2007 – Launch and marketing of Movie Cube® multimedia HDD in Europe
2008 – Introduction of Kooky USB drives in the United-States
2010 – Operations in Dubai, to extend distribution in the Middle-Eastern region, India and Africa.
2010 – Launch of “Animals” USB range
2011 – Launch of licensed Looney Tunes USB range
2012 – Launch of licensed Angry Birds USB range

These little fun gadgets are available world wide. Have fun!

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