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Big bore motorcycles 2013

Big bore bikes in the 700-pound-plus weight class always impress. As the saying goes, “There is no replacement for displacement.” And while this is not always true in terms of horsepower, it is indisputable in sound power. Press the happy button, stand back and enjoy the moto symphony. If Brahms was alive today he probably would have ridden a Harley.

Or a Victory. Or a Vulcan. Or is it the new Moto Guzzi California? You see, here’s the counterpoint in the economy: big bad budgets and big bad bikes seem to form the perfect harmony. How it works only Wassily Leontief could have explained. 

Wassily Leontief

Wassily Leontief

Actually, perhaps we moto-heads can explain too. You see, the general equilibrium theory in a quantitative economic technique determines that the input-output model results in a huge demand for beautiful big bikes even in the most terrible of economic times. In the briefest of explanation, it is the escapism solution. Ask your wife, she knows. In hard times, excessive shopping makes her extremely happy – from which you may enjoy a few moments of benefits too. For moto-heads, the less money you have the bigger the bike you want. Simple.

With a twist, of course. Should you be able to get a big bore bike in tough times you’ll notice that it does not quite work the same as your woman’s shopping solution. Whereas you will be attracted to some of the joy she might share as a resultant of her marginal totality, she might not be enticed by your new-found vision of the perfect numéraire.

For instance, her understanding of the value you put in the 900-pound 6-cylinder 1,832 cc (111.7 cu in) boxer Honda Gold Wing GL1800 compared to the 800-pound 1,740 cc (106 cu in) V-Twin Victory Cross Country might be like comparing Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes with Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty. If you can get the loan, just go for the most expensive one. If you can’t, consider the air-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve OHV V-twin 1,670 cc (102 cu in) Yamaha MT-01.

Ducati Diavel

Ducati Diavel

It all could lead to unnecessary methodenstreit, you might add. Truth is, when you drill down in the numbers there is a distinct difference in something like 320kg (700-pound) 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket III with its 147lb-ft of torque and the one-thousand-pound-plus fully laden 1720cc (105 cu in) V-Twin Indian Chief Vintage. It is not about methodology, it is about the “subjective theory of value, ” as Carl Menger explained. Had he been around he probably would have mounted the 500-pound 1,198.4 cc (73.13 cu in) 119 kW (162 hp) V-Twin Ducati Diavel or the marvellous Horex V6. In the world of big bore bikes it makes so much utility sense.

Sense? What sense? This world is not made out of sense. The world consists of love and tears – and a few wars in between. If you want sense, get a Honda NX650 Dominator. If you’re a victim of love and tears, the 249 km/h (155mph) X-Wedge 1640cc (100 cu in) S&S Cycle-powered Wakan or Avinton will heal all your wants. Unless you’re addicted to big bores to the point of being self-harming, in which case your only cure will be the 1976 cc (121 cu in) S&S voodoo powered V-Twin BigDog Wolf with its asphalt-tearing 220 x 21-inch rear tire.

If it’s war you want, there is a perfectly warring choice. Remember the P120 Fighter and the P120 Fighter Black Flag? That wonderfully insane company now brings you the R131 Fighter and the 56° fuel injected 2,163 cc (132 cu in) 132 BHP 500lb Copperhead X32 Hellcat. And if you’re totally insane and do not care one iosus about any economic model, war, peace, love or tears, then the world’s fastest big block V-Twin, at 277km/h (172.211mph), the X32 Hellcat Combat should be on the top of your list of big bore motorcycles.

At this time of writing there were only a few X32 Hellcat Combats left at $72 000 each. If you can land your hands on such amount, please be aware that even if your woman understands Keynesian economics brilliantly your aggregate demand for this big bore might not equate to her understanding of your escapism theory. Perhaps you should consider a humble V Strom and live to tell the tale.

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