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Big big 2013

2013 could be a big year. Big budgets, big bailouts, big wars, big people and big beauties. Even the tablets and the mobile phones are getting bigger. Toshiba has already launched the 13-inch Excite and Lenova has the massive 27-inch table tablet. Samsung has the big 5.3-inch Galaxy Note smartphone and Huawei has the 5.5-inch Ascend Mate.

Big budgets in the form of huge tax relief programs and deferred tax credits for banks and corporations made possible only by aggressive austerity measures. “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” 2013 will likely be a big bonus year for bankers.¬†

There will not be a fourth round of quantitative easing… because the previous rounds never ended, instead becoming a continuous trillion-dollar bailout. Or, as Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi put it, a government-run “Ponzi-like confidence scheme.” He wrote about the Secrets and Lies of the Bailout in the United States but it is also evident in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

Historically, big bailouts wound up in big wars. Once the hand-outs dry up for the optimates military spending is used to stimulate the economy and, soon after, it’s war. Citing the current fiscal calamity, modern prophets Marc Faber and Gerald Celente predicted a big war, even WWIII, perhaps starting in 2013. According to Faber, “If the global economy doesn’t recover, usually people go to war.”

Let’s not do war! This time it could be terminal. Einstein: “I know not with what weapons WWIII will be fought but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Talking of war, it appears that more people than ever are eating as if there is no tomorrow. According to the World Health Organization more than 20% of the world adult population are overweight and more than one in ten are obese. If big wars and big people don’t mix well then the United States will be not enjoy the next war; about 30% of Americans are obese.

But big can be beautiful. Think of big screen TVs and those big gadgets mentioned. And full size pickup trucks, big muscle cars and big ADV bikes. Like the new water-cooled BMW R1200GS Adventure and the new KTM 1190 Adventure R. You’ll be better off meeting interesting new people in interesting countries on one of these instead of a M1 Abrams.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy 2013!

KTM 1190 Adventure R

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