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Looking back at 2012

The world did not end on the December, 21 2012 as the Mayan calendar predicted! To start with, that was a good end to the year.

2012 had many highs. To the delight of all animal lovers, “an international group of prominent scientists” had finally “discovered” what we all knew since childhood and declared that “humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.” 

In October, Felix Baumgartner remarkably broke Joseph Kittinger’s long stranding record for the highest skydive, leaping from a balloon at 39km above New Mexico.

The Summer Olympics, held in London, was as awesome as anticipated. We saw the best Formula 1 season ever. NASCAR was just as exciting, with Brad Keselowski winning the Drivers’ Championship at the final race of the season at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. And earlier, in July, Spain thrashed Italy 4 – 0 to take home the European Football Championship for a record 4th time.

Jennifer AnistonIn 2012, Yu Wenxia of China became Miss World while Rhode Island’s Olivia Culpo became Miss Universe. X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos was named Sexiest Woman of the Year by FHM. Maxim named Bar Refaeli as the year’s Most Beautiful Woman in their Hot 100 list. Esquire magazine claimed Mila Kunis is 2012’s Sexiest Woman Alive in the USA while their British audience chose Miranda Kerr. Men’s Health named Jennifer Aniston the Hottest Woman of All Time. They all are beautiful indeed.

Americans chose Barack Obama as their top dog for another 4 years, the Japanese thought Shinzo Abe might get them out of their century-long misery, South Africa’s African National Congress re-elected the idiot Jacob Zuma to lead the country further down the path of oblivion while the people of the People’s Republic of China didn’t have any say in the appointment of Xi Jinping as General Secretary of the Communist Party.

On the very low side of the year the Arab Spring turned sour, Transparency International lists most of the world’s countries as having a high degree of corruption, Afghanistan yet again was the greatest illicit opium producer in the entire world, slave trading continues throughout Africa and the Jews and Palestinians are still at each other’s throats.

But perhaps 2012 will be remembered most for PSY’s Gangnam Style music video having reached more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

As always, Google Zeitgeist gave a quick look at what was 2012:

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