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Eat all the calamari you can

Go large. Go very, very large. Ask for the biggest portion of squid ever. If it is on any menu it will most likely be listed by its Italian name, calamari. You can even be fancy about it and call it by it’s Latin name: Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. Otherwise known as colossal squid. You’ll never ever get hungry again.

And here’s the reason why… 

Colossal squid size

You’ll have to order early, though. Only about 10 of these big beauties have ever been sighted, not to mention being caught. And restaurants that list it as “Catch of the day” will probably be somewhere close to Antarctica otherwise you won’t get this squid fresh; that’s where they hang out.

In the meantime, to wet your appetite, view the Colossal Squid Fact Sheet.

Oh, and you won’t be the only hungry one; there are many others who just loves colossal squid.

BTW, the nice graphic is from the BBC page covering the colossal squid caught in February 2007.

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