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Take this tablet, call me in the morning

So many tablets for so many cures! A tablet for music, a tablet for entertainment, web browsing, book reading, etc. Have tablet, load app, got your fix.

If only there was an app for the tablet wars. Proview sues Apple who sues Samsung, and so it goes on. If you didn’t know them as gadget makers you would have been forgiven for mistaking the cases as just more usual tit-for-tat among pharmaceutical companies. 

At stake – for the tablet PC makers – is a slice of the multi-billion dollar crave for the little computers. Annual worldwide sales of tablet PCs passed the magic $10 billion mark and is growing strong. Measured in percentage growth, tablets are selling better than notebooks, gaming devices and smartphones.

In this mad race, market leader Apple is being reined in by the challengers. The mighty iPad is facing competition from a host of other manufacturers jumping on the band wagon, including Google with their Nexus tablet and Microsoft with their Surface tablet.

The newcomers have their own agenda on apps and add-ons, of course. Bean counters will tell you that there is more to a Jelly Bean than meets the eye. It probably is a headache for Apple. But Apple will, as usual, hit back with their own medicine. Probably a tiny little pill. Probably the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini

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