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Twitter embed on WordPress

You have to hand it to Matt Mullenberg and the WordPress team. With every update of the WordPress blogging platform they come up with something smackingly good.

The WordPress version 3.4 released today, for instance, introduces a real easy Twitter embed. It works just like the YouTube embed: simply copy the link and paste it into your post. Done! ¬†Here’s an example of a pasted a WWF tweet:¬†

The above example is live, meaning you can go ahead and follow, reply or retweet it live. Pretty awesome!


The WordPress tweet embed works on self-hosted WordPress platforms and the wordpress.com. There is some things you have to remember when wanting to embed a tweet, best explained by the WordPress Tweet Embed page. The important factor is that you embed the tweet URL on a line by itself and without the hyperlink.

So, thanks Matt, thanks WordPress developers!

For more on other WordPress auto embed codes, see WordPress Embeds.

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