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The poor Americans

Spare a thought for the citizens of the United States. They are paying for wars they do not want, subsidizing roads they do not need, paying for expensive toilet seats for Washington officials, give farming subsidies to billionaire hobby farmers such as David Rockefellar, bankroll bankers, and now have to pay extra for health care under the Obamacare.

“Pay extra”? Yes, because they already pay high taxes. One would think that those taxes pay for the roads and hospitals and such citizen things. 

So, they have roads but need to pay toll fees (to private companies) to upkeep them. They will have to have private health care even though two out of every five dollars already go toward social security and Medicaid. Andsoforth. The list goes on.

The question is, if the citizens of the United States – the Recession Generation – have already paid for those services and their upkeep, where do these extra tax dollars end up?

No points for guessing.

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