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The Charge by Eric Pierre

The Charge, the award-winning photograph by Eric Pierre, is something to behold. It is one of those pictures that paints a thousand words. But you will have to dig deep to come up with even one. It is a breathtaking photo.

The Charge was taken with a Nikon D700 camera with 500mm f4 lens, set at 1/2000 seconds at f8 and ISO 400, and with a carbon Eki head. 

The Charge by Eric Pierre

Quoting the story of The Charge from the National History Museum, London, UK:

“Eric had been tracking Arctic wolves on Victoria Island, Canada, when his guide spotted a herd of muskoxen 3 miles (5km) away. Approaching, Eric could see that the herd was nervous, probably because wolves were also on its trail. He made a detour and stopped about half a mile away upwind. Suddenly, he realised that the herd was now running towards them, oblivious of them. ‘I’ve seen muskoxen run away,’ says Eric. ‘I’ve seen them react to a threat by forming a circle, and I’ve even seen a male charge. But I’ve never seen a herd spread out into a charging line like this. I could hear the thundering of their hooves. It was one of those situations where it really mattered that I made the right choice between technical accuracy, aesthetics and security.'”

Prints of The Charge are available from the NHM store.

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