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Microsoft Surface looks the business

Microsoft’s new tablet, called Surface, looks the business. To be available with either a nVidia or a dual-core Intel CPU, on the specs the Surface should be a good runner.

No point for guessing the operating system for the Surface. The nVidia-powered RT model will run on the new Windows 8 platform while the Pro model, powered by the dual-core processor, will come with Windows 8 Pro. 

The Microsoft Surface was launched to good reviews thus far, with two points collecting score. Those who was lucky enough to get a brief hands-on liked the build quality, which was to be expected from a Microsoft hardware product. They also like the multi-touch soft keyboard that doubles as a cover for the 10-inch screen.

Read more initial impressions of the Surface at The Verge.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Surface tablet looks solid yet attractive. The Pro version should be a good business tool. On the other hand, if you want complete business mobile communications the PadFone is hard to beat.

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