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Google Glass HMD

Google Glass, the head-mounted display (HMD) gadget, is the bee’s knees. You look at it and think, “How cool is that?!”

But what do you want to use it for? How much will it cost? Isn’t it just a smaller, newer version of the helmet cam first used in 1987 by Mark Schulze when he made The Great Mountain Biking Video?

Well, yes it is. Much smaller and very much newer. The Google Glass headware is packed with features such as high definition camera, microphone, voice activation, and Internet connection.

Google Glass

Come to think of it, yes, it actually looks like a neat version of helmet cams like those made by Drift, GoPro, RePlay XD, Tachyon and others. In fact, it looks almost like the Eyetap. It’s just that the Google Glass looks more geeky.

Even so, one can’t help wondering if “Google Goggles” – used for the mobile image recognition app – would have been the better name. And then the Goggles app could be renamed “Recon” and the Google Reconnaissance program could be renamed… Forget it! Too many to remember. If you forget, just google it.

In the meantime, try to figure out a way to wear Google Glass with your sunglasses.

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