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Facebook stock price today

The Facebook stock price today is $26. The initial public offering priced the stock priced at $38 but on the morning of the opening on May 18 the price went up to $42, closing back at $38 by end of day’s trading. Since the IPO, the stock has dropped as low as $25, more than 30% from the initial offering.

Since Facebook has gone public it has been a target for short sellers who have dropped the value by $27 billion, a quarter sliced off its initial $104 billion value. Ouch! 

The roller coaster ride of the Facebook share price should come as no surprise. Whenever Goldman Sachs is involved a pump-and-dump of stocks is a good bet. Throw a pinch of insider trading and a bucket full of lawsuits into the mix, add obscure computer problems at Nasdaq and you have the perfect recipe for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Oh, and for the sub plot, write in the $15 billion class action lawsuit for privacy violations.

Who shall you choose as the lead actor in this Wall Street comedy? Keep in mind that not even the best actor can save a broken script.

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