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Chevy 789 by N2A

When the Chevy 789 rumbled into life in 2007 it immediately received cult car status. It simply is one of the most beautiful Chevrolets ever made.

The Chevy 789 is crafted by modification company N2A, based in Orange County, California. The “789” designation arrived from the design of the car: the front is styled after a 57 Chevy, the mid section is based on the 58 Impala and the rear inherits the tail fins of a 59 Chevy. The total package sits on the Le Mans-winning Corvette C6 chassis. 

Chevy 789

The Chevy 789 is retro in every sense. N2A explains that “The body is constructed of lightweight composite panels. We have developed a process of using 80% carbon composite with 20% fiberglass. This process gives us a light weight rigid part as if it was 100% carbon composite with the minimal properties of fiberglass that allows for show quality paint and finish.”

Chevy 789 n2a

“The customer can either provide us with a donor C5 series (1997 -2004) or C6 series (2005-current) Corvette, which currently retails for approximately $65,000 (though used models can be had for less), or we can locate one for you. After stripping the ‘Vette of its stock body, we hand-graft the retro body panels over the stock frame, suspension, and massive 440-horsepower, 6.0-liter aluminum-block V8 engine.”

Chevy 789 rear

According to N2A, “a full range of upgrades are available, including up to 800 hp powertrains, custom suspension, audio/video/navigation systems, interior customization, and more.”

True to their name – “No 2 Alike” – they will build you a Chevy 789 to your specifications down to the last detail. As they say, “Please note that no previously built combination of paint scheme and interior treatment will be duplicated.”

Chevy 789 style

So, not only is the Chevy 789 unique, your very own Chevy 789 will be unique from other 789s.

At about $135 000, the Chevy 789 is a steal. And when you get yours, drive it like you stole it!

Official Chevy 789 page

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